Marty's Parts x River Seat Company L/S White Shirt

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Marty’s Parts is putting together a shirt with River Seat Company to help with the Adam Mingee's motorcycle accident recovery fund! Half of all proceeds will go directly to Adam to help in any way it can.

The longsleeves will be preorder and be shipping October 13th.

On September 2nd, Adam was involved in a severe motorcycle accident that resulted in substantial injuries. He is currently being treated in the hospital and has at least a few surgeries ahead of him. This will be a long road to recovery, and we aren’t yet sure of the extent of it. Adam has 3 children, is self-employed, and uninsured. As many of y’all know, Adam makes motorcycle seats for a living, and with his injuries, he’s going to be out of work for quite some time. We are setting this up in the hopes that we can relieve some of the financial burden that he and his family are going to be navigating in the coming months. Adam is always doing his best to help out people in the motorcycle community and beyond, so let’s pull together and help him and his family get through this.