The weather is getting warmer, and things are moving and grooving in Matty’s World. 

Matty Matheson in an off white button up and camouflage baseball hat with orange Obituary stitching, standing behind countertop with cut up orange food, atop the new Matheson Cookware Cutting Board.

The Matheson Cookware line is expanding!

The dual-sided Matheson Cutting Board is finally here, in stock, and ready to ship! Made from European beech, the top is your working side with a trough to collect juices and keep the cutting area clean. The reverse side has bowls milled into its face for entertaining, presentation, and can be used for mise en place during prep. 

Matty’s "The Shape of Food to Come" sculpture series highlights the art of cooking. Each colour blocked sculpture reminds us of the beauty and creativity involved in everyday activities like cutting fruit and vegetables. Is it art? Is it food? Why can't it be both? A limited number of signed prints of each sculpture are available for purchase. 

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Matty Matheson, sitting in his new restaurant booth.

Six years in the making, Matty’s labour of love; his new, high end, special restaurant is almost ready for opening! Please welcome to the family, PRIME SEAFOOD PALACE. Opening soon. 


Matty Matheson in yellow and green tie-dye RVCA Japan shirt, dark wayfarer style sunglasses, and black tilley bucket hat dancing with his belly exposed.

It’s time to emerge from the indoors, bask in the sunshine, breathe that fresh air, it’s camping season baby! RVCA Japan has dropped a new collection; Matty’s Patty’s Outdoor Club. Check out the whole collection here!

Matty continues to stir up trouble in the kitchen, Cookin’ Somethin’ every other week! Fire dishes with that signature Matty twist, he’s whipped up a Cheeeeesy Burger Patty Melt, the Ultimate Croque Monsieur Mathieu, and a classic Broccoli Chicken Alfredo. Catch the latest ep, New York Garbage Plate, here:


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